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At LexFusion we don't just offer a membership - we forge partnerships and elevate legal performance.

Experience the power of LexFusion Membership

Gain access to a network of legal innovators, resources, trainings and opportunities. Discover how a LexFusion membership could revolutionise your legal endeavours.

What does a LexFusion Membership look like


Our stellar team becomes your team

Be in partnership with a dynamic team of seven experienced professionals with rich backgrounds in executive roles, consulting, sales, and litigation.  

  • Engage with our go-to-market team - five experts that have in-depth connections across the litigation world, both in law firms and corporations.  
  • Access our meticulously crafted spreadsheet detailing these vast connections - see the quality and depth of our relationships at a glance.  
  • Benefit from our dedicated two-person operations team, who ensure that tracking, and reporting is seamless.

Your reach gets amplified

Marketing, events, and more:

  • Let us amplify your event reach, bringing potential prospects right to you.
  • Experience the ‘LexFusion Road Show’ - From casual happy hours to formal dinners and ballgames, we're not just about work. We believe in building strong relationships and we're networking aficionados traveling across major cities.
  • Though we might be smaller in size, our impact is mighty. Our investment in sponsorships and conference attendances dwarfs many larger member companies. Because for us, every member is precious.

Thought Leadership

Speaking Engagements – We regularly deliver: 

  • Conference keynotes and panels for high profile legal networks.
  • Law firm presentations, executive briefings, partner retreats, and innovation days.
  • Webinars and podcasts. 

Content Creation I‍

  • Original content, insights and impact.
  • Leading legal publications and active social media.

Trainings & Presentations – Equip yourself:

  • Sharpen your sales edge with our proprietary training.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with briefings on the evolving legal market.

The LexFusion Community

  • Experience the network effects - of relationships and meetings carved by fellow members. The network invariably has a warm, trusted connection anywhere our members want to be.
  • Make an indelible first impression with coordinated presentations by vertical.
  • Unlock doors to co-sponsorship opportunities.

Unparalleled Support in Your Initial Journey

For our new members, the first year is not just about onboarding - it's about celebrating and deepening our new partnership.

  • Immerse in three 1-hour sessions of LexFusion training in the first month itself.
  • Stay in close touch with weekly calls.
  • Enjoy two exclusive events championing your services.

A Symbiotic Growth Ecosystem

  • It's all about mutual growth. Relish the reciprocal benefits offered by our community.
  • Engage in collaborative pricing strategies and integration opportunities for mutual benefits

Let’s Forge the Future Together

Interested in joining our roster of legal innovators or simply curious about the world of legal tech? Reach out to us! Our team is always eager to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the ever-evolving legal landscape.