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Feb 2, 2023
Hot of the Press

The Focus on ChatGPT Is Missing the Forest for the Tree: New AI Models Are Really, Ridiculously Powerful Part - 1

Jan 10, 2023
Hot of the Press

LexFusion’s Second Annual Legal Market Year in Review

Jan 9, 2023
Hot of the Press

Preview of the LexFusion Second Annual Legal Market in Review

Oct 31, 2022
Legal Innovation

Scary Stories about our Wicked Problems (Legal Nerd Halloween)

Oct 17, 2022
Hot of the Press

Will A Recession Reduce Legal Tech Spending?

Aug 10, 2022

Pioneers and Pathfinders – Casey Flaherty

Jul 20, 2022
Hot of the Press

Priori raises $15 million after growing revenue 250% last year as more companies look to legal tech

Apr 5, 2022

Law and Innovative Tech: Work Smarter, not Harder

Mar 24, 2022

The Legally Vocal Podcast with Casey Flaherty, Season 3, Episode 3

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